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Dental Hygiene

Our Hygiene Team works diligently every day to keep your entire family in good oral health. The Hygienist use the latest techniques and equipment to provide every patient with individualized oral care. Our team continues to further their education to move forward with the latest advancements in dentistry as it continues to evolve alongside the fast paced world. Preventative care is your first line of defense against oral health problems. Our staff uses digital radiography, to obtain instant visuals, and their clinical expertise to keep your teeth as healthy as can be.

During your routine preventative care visit, the hygienist will pass on their knowledge and recommendations so you care properly continue to maintain good at home oral care.

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Routine Cleanings & Clinical Exams

Dental cleanings are recommended routinely to remove calculus, plaque and stains from tooth surfaces. Routine cleanings, thorough brushing and proper flossing are important to prevent gum disease and tooth decay (cavities). Routine dental radiographs (x-rays) are taken with fully digital equipment to appear instantly in each treatment room. Clinical examinations are preformed, by the dentist, after your cleaning to determine an overall assessment of your oral health. The dentist will use your radiographs and their expertise to diagnosis and treatment plan any restorations needed.

Oral Cancer Screening

Along with your dental cleaning and clinical exam the dentist will perform an oral cancer screening, examining the oral cavity, including lips, roof  and floor of the mouth, lining of the cheek throat and the tongue. Your dentist will examine for red or white patches, sores and other abnormalities that could be possible signs or symptoms of oral cancer.

TMJ Analysis

By examining the temporal-mandibular joint we can evaluate any problems that maybe caused by misalignment of teeth, trauma, stress, clenching or bruxism (grinding). Problems that can occur in this area are headaches, earaches, soreness when opening and closing the jaw. Although there is no single solution, there are treatments such as replacing missing teeth, moving teeth, adjusting bite or possible mouth piece to prevent clenching or grinding.

Scaling & Root Planing

Done as part of periodontal debridement, scaling & root planing is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease before becoming severe. Scaling will remove supragingival (above the gum line) and subgingival (below the gum line) calculus from the tooth surfaces. Root planing follows the scaling procedure to remove any remaining particles of calculus embedded in the tooth surfaces. Scaling & root planing procedures will leave the tooth surfaces smoother and easier to keep clean.

Arestin™ Placements

Locally delivered antibiotics can be placed directly into periodontal pockets (area between teeth and gum) to help speed up healing and the prevention of infection. Arestin™ microspheres are inserted into the periodontal pocket, releasing antibiotics overtime to reduce bacteria and help the gums heal to a safe pocket depth.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are a plastic like coating that is applied over the pits and grooves of the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars. The placement of dental sealants is to protect those difficult to clean tooth surfaces to help in the prevention of dental decay.

Fluoride Applications

Applications of topical fluoride are given to children and young adults to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride slows de-mineralization and enhances re-mineralization of the enamel. Our office applies fluoride directly to the teeth with either a varnish or flavored foam.

Patient Education

With every routine dental visit your hygienist will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses of your at home oral care with you.They will recommend solutions and tips to help you maintain the best oral care outside of the dental office.

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